Fax mode


XSane mode: xsane-target
Scan options

Medium selection

Color management

Color correction:
Standard options window

Advanced options window

Batch scan:

This mode is a frontend for SANE and for a faxprogram like hylafax or mgetty+sendfax.
You need to have a faxprogram like hylafax(1) or mgetty+sendfax(8) installed. The faxcommand and the options must be specified in the menu Preferences/Setup:Fax Options.



Fine mode:

The faxpages are always scanned in fine mode (204 dpi * 196 lpi). If Fine mode is enabled when the project is sent all pages are sent with 196lpi (fine mode), otherwise all pages are sent with 98lpi (normal mode).

Insert file:

You can add an external created postscript file to the fax project. The file is copied to the fax project directory.

Show page:

A postscrip viewer is called to display the selected page.

Rename page:

Rename the selected page.

Delete page:

Delete the selected page.

Send project:

Send all pages that are part of the fax project. Note that you need a working fax program!

Delete project:

Delete the fax project .

Author: Oliver Rauch