Main window in mail mode


Main window:
Medium selection

Color correction:
Standard options window

Advanced options window

Batch scan:

In the mail mode images are scanned and sent by email.


colormode    Scanmode:
Select scanmode, e.g.: color, grayscale, halftone, lineart.
scansource    Scansource:
Select scansource, e.g.: Flatbed, Transparency, Automatic Document Feeder.
medium    Medium selection:
Select scanmedium, e.g.: slide, standard negative, Agfa negative, ... or Full range.
resolution    Scan resolution:
Select resolution that is used for scanning. If the backends makes available a range of resolutions (e.g. 100-600 dpi) XSane can display a slider or a list of resolutions. You select this via Preferences/Show resolution list.
The backend can define a list of resolutions insted of a range, in this case it is not possible to enable the slider.

To select exact resolutions with the slider click the slider with the mouse pointer and use the cursor keys to change the value in steps of 1, if you press ctrl and a cursor key the step is 10.


HTML mail:

Select if the mail is sent as html mail or as text mail. In text mail the images are appended to the mailfile. In html mail you can place the image at any position by adding the tag < IMAGE > at the place of the email text where the image shall be displayed. The images are displayed in the same order as they are listed in the attachments.

Mail image filetype:

You can select the type of the image files that are attached to the mail. Select PNG, JPEG or TIFF. Pay attention that the size of the images depends on the content of the pictures and on the filetype.

Show image:

Open the viewer and display the selected image.

Rename image:

Rename the selected image.

Delete image:

Remove the selected image from the mail project.

Send project:

Send mail, all images are attached to the mail.

Delete project:

Delete the complete project. The email text and the image files are erased.

Author: Oliver Rauch