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XSane mode: xsane-target
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Standard options window

Advanced options window

Batch scan:

You open the setup window via the menu preferences/setup in the main window of xsane.



You can set permissions with which a file or directory is created. The user permissions are not changeable because xsane needs the predefined user permissions for correct function.

Overwrite warning:

If enabled, a warning comes up before an existing file is overwritten.

Skip exisiting numbers:

If filename counter is automatically increased, the filenames that already exist are skipped!

Filename counter length:

If the filename includes a counter (image-0003.pnm), the length of the counter can be defined. This can be interesting eg. if you want to scan 500 images and want that the ordering the images by their filenames creates the same order like the counter does. If you select inactive the counter is not changed by xsane.

Save device preferences at exit:

When you enable this option then the devices preferences are automatically saved when XSane exits.

Author: Oliver Rauch