Viewer mode


XSane mode: xsane-target
Scan options

Medium selection

Color management

Color correction:
Standard options window

Advanced options window

Batch scan:

In the viewer mode an image is scanned and displayed in the viewer.


disk    Select filename:
If you press the disk icon a browse dialog is opened where you can select the name of the image file that is suggested for the viewer. You also can enter the filename directly to the text box right to the disk icon.
step    Filename counter step width:
When the filename contains a counter at the end then the counter is increased (or decreased) by the selected step width when the scan has been completed.
Filetype and fileextension that are suggested for the viewer.

The viewer window:
When the image is scanned it is displayed in the viewer window:

save image    Save image:
Save image to disk. If the path, filename and filetype is not defined, a dialog opens that allows selecting path, filename and filetype.
do ocr    OCR:
Call OCR program and save created text to file.
clone image    Clone image:
Creates a new viewer window with a copy of the displayed image.
scale image    Scale image:
Change size of the image.
despeckle image    Despeckle image:
Removes spots from the displayed image that is scanned from a rastered original like a magazine.
blur image    Blur image:
Blur displayed image.
rotate image 90 degree rotate image 180 degree rotate image 270 degree    Rotate image 90, 180, 270 degree:
Rotates the image by 90, 180 or 270 degree (clockwise).
mirror image at vertical axis mirror image at horizontal axis    Mirror image at vertical or horizontal axis:
Mirrors the image at vertical or horizonral axis.

Author: Oliver Rauch