XSane future plans

Here is a list of what I want to change/include for XSane. If you have any suggestions that are not listed here please send mail.


  • planned to do this soon/higher priority
  • comes later/lower priority


  • save-function:
    • list of last used filenames
    • enable filters in save mode?
  • fax-function:
    • add new image types to fax fileformat: tiff?, g3?
    • zoom ?
    • add coverpage with simple textfield or call editor
    • add send delayed option
    • add options for sender/receiver Name
  • gamma function:
    • correct gtk custom gamma functions and include it
    • add target gamma (e.g. for web publishing)
  • medium selection:
    • medium definition in dependance of the scanner (?), (I am not sure if this makes sense with color managemant)
  • preview:
    • ??? force size of scanarea in pixels (calculate resolution) ???
  • viewer function:
    • reduce 16 bit/sample image to 8 bit/sample
    • crop to new viewer
    • fill rectangular area (e.g. for masking unwanted parts of a scanned fax page)
    • add more filters, suggestions?
      (only really important filters, for image manipulation there is the Gimp)


  • allow additional image data after each row (is sane standard conform) in preview routine and final scan routine
  • improve color management
  • rewrite of the configuration file base routines
  • add range check / valid value when reading xsane.rc and *.drc files
  • add several defaults (fax=> mode=gray,...)
  • average of a multiple scan of the same image
  • include much more parameters when saving images
  • test memory after each call of malloc - partly done
  • include special functions for GNOME/KDE, e.g. drag+drop


  • add a TWAIN-WIN32 interface (for xsane-win32)
  • define a TWAIN-UNIX interface in cooperation with TWAIN-group: in summer 1999 TWAIN asked SANE to start a cooperation to create a TWAIN-unix interface that uses sane as scanner driver API.
  • add a TWAIN-UNIX interface to xsane


  • free installation path
  • autodetect language
  • may be xsane-win32 without cygwin.dll on native win32 mode
  • may be later we make a sane-WIN32 version so that the backends do work too

This page has been changed on 25.th january 2007

Author: Oliver Rauch