XSane WIN32 version

What is XSane-WIN32?

XSane is a scanner frontend for SANE. XSane-WIN32 is a version of XSane that runs on WIN32 (Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP) and generally comes with a network version of sane-backends.

With the network version you can connect via network to scanners that run with SANE on a unix, os/2 or Mac-OS-X machine. It is not possible to use scanners that are connected to the local windows machine with the network version!

There is also a xsane package with a complete version of sane-backends. With the complete sane-backends version it should be possible to use at least some scsi scanners connected to the local windows machine. I got the feedback that the SCSI Scanner vuego brisa 310S does work with the snapscan backend and xsane-0.94-win32-complete. Please send more positive and negative feedback! I will not release each xsane-win32 version as complete version!

How to install XSane WIN32?

  • Extract the zip archive to C:\ so that you get the directory C:\sane . Do not place it in any other place, XSane will only work when placed in C:\sane .
  • Edit C:\sane\etc\sane.d\net.conf and put the IP address of the server where the scanner is connected into one line, e.g:
  • Make sure that C:\sane\etc\sane.d\dll.conf contains the line
  • Start XSane from: C:\sane\bin\xsane.exe

What is new in this version?

The major changes that you will recognice are:
  • XSane-win32-0.991 is available as network scanning version. There is also a gimp-plugin (you also need the standalone version for the gimp-plugin)! The complete sane-backends version is not available as 0.991 because the interest seems to be very low and it costs a lot of time to create it.
  • XSane-win32 is compiled with an up-to-date cygwin version and with gtk+-2.8.7. This solved a lot of problems of previous versions.

How usable is it?

  • Preview: is completly usable
  • Save-Mode: is completly usable
  • Viewer-Mode: is completly usable (does gocr run on windows?)
  • Copy-Mode: did work once with ghostscript, then it did not work any more! I am not sure about the current state. Please inform me if you know anything about this.
  • E-Mail-Mode: is completly usable
  • FAX-Mode: I don`t know if there is a compatible fax program (if you find one, please inform me)
  • GIMP-Plugin: does work when compiled in
  • Batch-Scan: does work
  • Internationalization / translations: does work: set environment variable LANG (or may be LANGUAGE)

How will support look like?

I will spend most of my programming time to improve XSane based on unix (linux). From time to time I will create a binary version for WIN32 - but don`t expect that all sourcecode versions will be available as precompiled WIN32 version. All sourcecode changes that are necessary to compile and run it on WIN32 will be included into the XSane-sourcecode (there will only be one common sourcecode for unix and WIN32). The configure-script and Makefile works fine for WIN32. The file xsane-WIN32-compilation.txt describes how I did compile XSane on WIN32 (Win2000).

I do not give any special support for XSane-WIN32. If it does what you look for: use it - if not: bug reports are welcome but my main interest is to work on the unix verison. Don`t expect any help if something does not work.

Why/how did you port XSane from unix to windows?

There have been some projects which tried to implement a network scanning frontend for SANE running on Windows. But a good frontend is not written within some days or weeks, this takes month or years and so the existing SANE-network-scanning frontends for Windows were very simple and did not work very well - as far as I tested them.

The Cygwin library provides the UNIX system calls and environment on Windows systems. The Cygwin tools are ports of the popular GNU development tools (gcc, gdb, ...).

Since Tor Lillqvist ported GIMP and GTK+ to WIN32 there is a more or less simple way to port GTK-based GUIs from unix to WIN32 systems (Windows 9x, ME, NT, 2000, XP).

XSane-WIN32 uses cygwin and GTK+-WIN32. This way I only had to do a few changes in the XSane sourcecode. XSane-WIN32 runs a bit slower than XSane on unix because it takes some time to wrap the unix API calls to WIN API calls. But on a modern PC you should not have any problems. I am running xsane-win32 on a Pentium-III Notebook with 600MHz without any problems.


Author: Oliver Rauch